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I started making cakes in 2014 in the United Arab Emirates, and worked for two years there.

Later, I spent three years in Turkey, and beside the cakes, I began making the Arabic sweets.

And now, I'm here in the United States of America, also doing my favorite job from my sweet cozy home, baking all that can make your heart melt!

I actually don't have any physical shop that you can come to, but you may check our menu, and call us to make your order.

 You can either come and pick it up, or tell us where your location is, so we deliver it to your home!

We provide custom cakes for your most special occasions, as well as other treats such as tarts, cookies, and authentic Arabic desserts.

If you want something delectable for your party, or a small gathering, we would love to help make it memorable for you!

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